ndn.encoding package


The ndn.encoding package contains classes and functions that help to encode and decode NDN Name, NameComponent, Data and Interest.

There are three parts of this package:

  1. TLV elements: process TLV variables, Names and NameComponents.

  2. TlvModel: design a general way to describe a TLV format. A TLV object can be described with a class derived from TlvModel, with members of type Field.

  3. NDN Packet Fotmat v0.3: functions used to encode and parse Interest and Data packets in NDN Packet Format Spec 0.3.

FormalName and NonStrictName

To increase the flexibility, API in python-ndn accepts Name arguments in a wide range of formats, i.e. NonStrictName, but returns an unified form, FormalName.

A Component is a NameComponent encoded in TLV format.

component = b'\x08\x09component'

A FormalName is a list of encoded Components.

formal_name = [bytearray(b'\x08\x06formal'), b'\x08\x04name']

A NonStrictName is any of below:

  • A URI string.

    casual_name_1 = "/non-strict/8=name"
  • A list or iterator of Components, in the form of either encoded TLV or URI string.

    casual_name_2 = [bytearray(b'\x08\x0anon-strict'), 'name']
    casual_name_3 = (f'{x}' for x in range(3))
  • An encoded Name of type bytes, bytearray or memoryview.

    casual_name_4 = b'\x07\x12\x08\x0anon-strict\x08\x04name'

Customized TLV Models

See Customized TLV Models