0.3-2 (2022-06-11)

  • Bug fix.

  • Add key suggestion to LVS checker.

  • Support implicit digest in Interest name for express_interest.

  • Add more interfaces for security.

  • Update ci.

  • Add Ed25519 algorithm.

0.3-1 (2022-03-20)

  • Add Light VerSec and cascade validator.

  • Add UDP support.

  • Support remote prefix registration.

  • NDNLPv2 protocol update.

  • NDN 0.3 protocol update (ForwardingHint).

  • Add Boost INFO parser.

  • Drop Python 3.8 support due to typing hint incompatability. CPython 3.8 should still work, but PyPy 3.8 is known to be incompatible.

  • Bug fixes.

0.3 (2021-11-21)

  • Add express_raw_interest function to NDNApp.

  • Add validator for known keys.

  • Add CodeQL scanning.

  • Add support to Windows CNG as a TPM backend.

  • Add binary tools pyndntools, pyndnsec and pynfdc.

  • Transition to Name Convention Rev03.

  • Add automatic type conversion for Enum, Flag and str.

  • Drop Python 3.7 support and add Python 3.10.

0.3a1-3 (2021-05-22)

  • Support Unix socket on Windows 10.

  • Fix semaphore running in a different event loop bug.

0.3a1-2 (2021-04-29)

  • Handle ConnectionResetError.

  • Drop Python 3.6 support.

0.3a1-1 (2021-01-31)

  • Transfer the repo to named-data/python-ndn.

  • Fix cocoapy to make it work on MacOS 11 Big Sur.

  • Add more supports to NDNLPv2 (CongestionMark).

  • Add dispatcher and set_interest_filter.

0.3a1 (2020-09-24)

  • Fix the bug that registering multiple prefices at the same time leads to 403 error.

  • Add Name Tree Schema.

  • Add .devcontainer for VSCode Remote Containers and GitHub Codespaces.

0.2b2-2 (2020-05-26)

  • Change the default sock file path from /var/run/nfd.sock to /run/nfd.sock on Linux.

  • Add FIB and CS management data structures

  • Add make_network_nack

  • Recognize NDN_CLIENT_* environment variables

0.2b2-1 (2020-03-23)

  • Fix RuntimeWarning for hanging coroutine when main_loop raises an exception.

  • Fix the issue when after_start throws an exception, the application gets stuck.

  • Set raw_packet of express_interest and on_interest to be the whole packet with TL fields.

0.2b2 (2020-02-18)

  • Switch to Apache License 2.0.

  • Add NDNApp.get_original_packet_value.

  • Improve NDNApp.route and NDNApp.express_interest to give access the original packet and signature pointers of packets.

  • Fix typos in the documentation.

  • Support more alternate URI format of Name Component (seg, off, v, t and seq)

  • Update Python version to 3.8 and add PyPy 7.2.0 in GitHub Action.

  • Fix Name.to_str so its output for [b'\x08\x00'] is correct.

0.2b1 (2019-11-20)

The initial release.